London in all its glory

Being a Belgian exchange student in Plymouth finally gave me the opportunity to go to London real quick. Well, at least if you don’t travel by coach… It took me six hours to get there, even though London isn’t that far from the southwest. It was my first time in UK’s capital city, and this is my opinion.



As soon as we entered the city, it got busier and busier. More cars, more trains, more buses, more smell. In the beginning I thought the ‘city smell’ was only temporarily and in some bits of the city, but I discovered quite fast that it was everywhere. After an hour in London, I started sneezing and coughing. A lot. I never sneezed so much at once. This took the whole three days I’ve been there and it stopped from the moment I got back to Plymouth. I realized that the unhealthy air was the reason of my sneezing and coughing. I literally wouldn’t survive as a habitant in London because of all the air pollution.

Hurry, hurry, hurry

In contrast to Plymouth, everyone was rushed. Either they had to go to work, to get their kids from crèches or they just don’t like to waste their time. You couldn’t walk somewhere without being pushed or without being surrounded by calling, rushed people. In the underground everyone was hurrying up the stairs, running to catch their train in time, even though the trains are there every three minutes.


Where are the Brits?

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely no racist. But on day one I discovered that my English was even better than the average employee in London. There were more foreigners than Brits and it was even exceptional when you saw some. I thought the employees in London were quite rude in general. And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that they were mostly foreign, but it’s just something that struck me. Even the employees in our hotel were rude in every way.

Gorgeous London

You might think I don’t like London, after you read the above. But you are wrong. Despite my previous irritations, the UK’s capital city is definitely a beautiful city. It’s absolutely a must when you are into city trips. Even though the city is quite expensive, there are some things you need to see when you are there. Westminster Abby, the London Eye, a boat tour on river Thames, the Big Ben, The Harrods,… These are only a few of London’s breathtaking attractions. So if you like a city trip and don’t mind my irritations such as the smell, this city should be on your travel list!


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