When in Prague: first hostel-experience

Entering a room at night and already a few people are asleep. As my first time in a hostel I was quite surprised! I went on a media trip to Prague with some fellow students and we stayed in a hostel. This is what my experience was like.

New cultures

A hostel is the ideal place to meet new people, other countries, other stories. We met a married couple from Los Angeles, a backpacking girl from Australia and a French man who was there to celebrate his friends’ stag party. In the communal room we had loads of conversations and got to know each other’s stories. Meeting new people is not something you do when you stay in a hotel.

Although I slept in a bedroom for twelve persons, there is also the option to book a single or double bedroom with more privacy. I would recommend to stay in a room with other people, only then you have a true hostel-experience. We could store our valuables in a safe or luggage room.


The owners of the hostel organized several activities, from cooking to beer tasting. Again it’s an opportunity to get to know other people. Even though we went out for dinner every night, since it’s so cheap in Prague, there was also the option to use the communal kitchen. Once you get to know the other residents better you can start making plans together, especially when you travel alone.

Less privacy

When you need a lot of privacy, hostels are nothing for you. You need to be open and know that you are sharing a bathroom with a whole floor. People could literally see you taking a shower as the glass was transparent. No worries, men and women have separate bathrooms.

Although it’s a completely different way of residence than hotels, I would definitely do it again. Not only because of all the above, but because you can save a lot of money as well!

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